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 Have to be lightsworn deck :D

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PostSubject: Have to be lightsworn deck :D    Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:35 pm

I have a big problem with LS. So can u help :
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PostSubject: Re: Have to be lightsworn deck :D    Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:30 am

Um, it would kind of help if we could see your entire deck, rather then just the first half of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Have to be lightsworn deck :D    Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:04 am

right button on your mouse =>view image or
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PostSubject: Re: Have to be lightsworn deck :D    Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:59 am

Oh, well that helps tremendously! Let's see...

Your Lightsworns arent that bad looking actually! Just have a few suggestions!


Cards in your deck:

Personally, I wouldnt include Rinyan in my deck. Mostly because I dont really want to put lightsworns back into my deck. If you can play with that type of thing, it's up to you!

Gragonith however, I dont see helping you. I mean sure it's a Lightsworn, which gets powered by lightsworns on grave, but I'd rather have another Celestia for field destruction then Gragonith. I'd recommend taking it out, and probably adding in another Celestia

Cards Suggested

Card Trooper: A great card, mill 3 for an atk of 1900, plus if it gets destroyed and sent to grave, you draw a card!

Jenis: This is a so-so recommendation, mainly because if you can keep it on the field long enough for other Lightsworn cards to start milling, it'll build you up. Take 500 and get 500? Small things pay off in the long run!

Jain: This Lightsworn really is strong, and I'd recommend 2 in your deck. In case you cant call on any Wulfs, this guy can make up for it. Plus with it's 2 milling card, it'll speed up your deck! On a side note, a great card for an Honest Drop

Gorz: Staple, if you blow up the field and something happens to your JD, and you're left wide open, Gorz it up!

PlagueSpreader: I'm assuming you're going to put in some Synchros


Cards in your deck:

Monster Reincarnation: It's a good card, but I've got an even better one for ya. I'd recommend taking it out, if you want, keep it at 1

Pot of Avarice: Not what I'd expect in an LS deck but, if you want you can have it in there.

Cards suggested:

My Body as a Shield: Great card, keep it in your hand to activate it if you run into any trouble from your opponent, set it when your turn's over! 1500's a small price to pay to keep your monsters alive!

Trunade: Really a staple, but you gotta make sure you dont get Solemn'd by your opponent when you finally throw out your JD!


Cards in your deck:

Vanquishing Light: I dont usually see this card helping, but I can see what you might want to do with it! I dont have a problem with this card, just run it and see how it goes!

Cards Suggested:

Bottomless: Keep this at 2, trust me it helps when your opponent tries to summon stronger monsters then your own

CotH: Very useful when you need to summon a Lightsworn so that you can tribute for Celestia.

Magic Cylinder: Just a personal preference, negates an attack really. It's up to you whether you want to add it or not.

Solemn Judgement: Staple, protect your JD if your opponent tries anything funny.

Beckoning Light: This card, now, is one of the best Lightsworn support cards out there. Why? Because if you Summon JD, and your opponent stops this (Especially if they save Solemn just so they can negate and destroy it) Use this card, drop your hand (Might be full of Wulfs or something), and take out some JDS from your grave. Also, grab those Honests! Use them to wipe away some more of your opponent's lp!

Well, those are all the suggestions I have. Hope they help!

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PostSubject: Re: Have to be lightsworn deck :D    

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Have to be lightsworn deck :D
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