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 KratoS's Test Result

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PostSubject: KratoS's Test Result   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:29 pm

Decks KratoS used:
'Hopless Dragon'
Deck build:9/15(It was a really interesting deck but i think you can get dead draws.I would say it was a good dragon deck.)
Deck build:13/15(I was really impressed by this one.You did some good combos and synchros with this deck.Very well built.)
Card usage:13/20(You did god combos with your infernity deck.And used your cards very well..but i think you could use your plaguespreader in the graveyard)
Ruling:8/10(You didnt do any ruling mistakes apart from one.Cost.You thought that if you negate a spell/trap with 'tribute' or 'discard' then the whole spell wont activate.But the cost is not part of the effect.This can change the whole duel so remember that Razz)
Reaction:11/15(You did pretty well..negated some of my effects when needed and played the right cards.But i still think you could do more.)
Yourself:9/10(You were fully aware of the duel which i liked.You didn't argue with me but i don't think you payed attention at one time in the duel.)
Match Result:12/15(1-1.Very nice i bet you could beat me in the next duel with your infenity,this deck can win most of the matches Razz)
What i think you need to improve on:(You need to think about your first deck and take out some cards.Are some cards really necessery for this type of deck?Also you need to remember that you cant negate the cost.)
What i think you did well:(I think you did very well with your infernity and liked how u mixed light.)
Final Result:75/100(Well done you made it into Obelisk Dorm! Please make your room Razz)


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PostSubject: Re: KratoS's Test Result   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:20 pm

NICE INFERnity o.o

use that deck again on me lets see now Very Happy booyah
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KratoS's Test Result
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